Welcome Back!

31 Jan

Its been quite some time since I have been able to blog, and that is something I would like to think is coming to an end soon… Starting with this post.

The new year has started, and it is going all out! Just last night was Winter Ball, and night of dance and socializing offered to the student body by Class Council as part of UVM’s awesome winter festivities. About 700 of UVM’s finest (students) gathered at the Hilton to dance and have a good time! The sold out event had to turn many away at the door, but I hope that those who waited until the last minute this year now know that this event is not one to take lightly.

But other than the general merriment and splendor that seems to be the start of my Spring semester 2011, I think I’m just mostly glad to be back home at Groovy UV!

Ciao for now!



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