Mid-Term Craziness is OVER!

Hello All!

I know I have been MIA recently, but it was for a good cause… ACADEMIC SUCCESS!!!!!!! I have just finished my three weeks of mid-terms/mid-term papers and project, and I have come out on top! Passed all of my mid-terms with acceptable grades, and can now focus on the rest of the semester without the panic and frenzy of the half way mark. At this point, I can take a breather and enjoy life a little more.

On the UVM front, though the weather has been rocky the past three weeks, things are settling down academically for everyone, and people are heading in to see those advisors before Registration next month. Registration is almost like a ritualistic dance for everyone. It is kind of the make or break point for the following academic year [semester].

First you meet with your advisor. This is sort of like the offering stage of the ritual. You basically go to them, tell them how your semester has been going so far, and how you’ve been doing in your current classes. They then take your responses, and decide whether or not you will be sent along on the track of your decided major, or the projected path of the undecided… OR, they try to set you up with classes you need to take in order to graduate, along with some classes to help you boost your projected GPA, and to get you back onto the right track.

Then, there is the actual song and dance that is getting IN to those classes. For you see, college is not like high school where you get into a class because you have to take it in order to graduate. No my friend… You have to wake up at the crack of dawn and compete with your fellow man to get into the classes you need to get into for the upcoming semester by means of speed and precision. Registration is spread over the course of a week, and it is a hierarchy that very few remain at the top of (AKA: people with early registration).
Monday: Athletes, Honors College, and Priority Registration
Tuesday: Seniors
Wednesday: Juniors
Thursday: Sophomores
Friday: First Years

Essentially, you wake up at like 6:45 AM and wait until 7:00AM to login into your MyUVM account, then furiously type in all the course codes along with approximately 1300-1600 other students, ALL ON THE SAME NETWORK, and hope that you’re faster than the others… And that the section you want to be in doesn’t fill up before you even get the code in. It is a risk we all have to take, and eventually, you earn your spot at the top! Until then, you just have to:

Oh you guys know how I love moving images!

And with these words friends, I shall now try to plan my schedule out because my ritualistic dance begins tomorrow when I go to see my academic advisor.

Ciao for now,

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Hey there! My name is Reba and I’m a Junior at the University of Vermont. I am a Program Director at Living and Learning for the ALANA House, A Building Manager at the Davis Center, a member of the 2012 Class Council, an active member in the LGBTQA community, a friendly face and an open heart. In this blog, I am going to try to make my UVM experience as real as possible to all who are in need of a little more perspective than the UVM booklets have to offer! So stop by and stay a while… You may read something you enjoy!