Expository Writing

6 Oct

For my expository writing class we had to read a “cluster” of articles, journal entries, view images and comics, in addition to official documentations of the My Lai case in regard to the Vietnam War. I am foreign. Very, very, very foreign, and hadn’t ever heard of My Lai at all in the little American schooling I had in New Jersey. Lets just say, I ripped into the assignment as if it were a very personal attack on my family and friends.
My Professor tried her best to make the assignment something we would have to come at objectively, but she did not account for the emotions it stirred within her students. Of all the classes she has taught this “cluster” in, we were the first group to take it so personally. No one was offended by the assignment personally, but the information that it was revealing about the government and all the different levels of bureaucracy was more than anyone could handle in class today.
But the thing that really bothered me was how some people in the class did exactly as the text had said about people hiding behind knowledge. They were hiding behind politics, and censorship, and not fully engrossing themselves in the text. Albeit I was highly pissed off by this, I’m kind of glad that we had that sort of division in the class at the same time, because its sort of like a sample of what we, as students will have to face when we do enter the “real” world, realize that people are allowed to be different, and have different opinions to our own.
So now I am on the hunt for something that I can sink my novelistic mind into and start crafting a topic for our own “clusters” for our next paper due on Friday. I hope I find something as interesting as what we have discussed in class.

Also: If you want to know more about My Lai, there are links on the UVM library website that can take you to hundreds of articles. Please note that it is rather sad, and somewhat disturbing… I wish I would have been informed of this prior to reading the articles.



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