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4 Oct


It has been an entire weekend since I have posted, and I am thoroughly sorry for the delay! I have been in the full swing of homecoming weekend, and everything that I was obligated to do over the weekend, that I had no time to spare for blogging. But the time is nigh! I am at work, doing my Psych home work, and it got to the point where I could no longer remember what I had been reading, so I’m taking this moment to blog about the weekend.


I woke up bright and early, and began cooking for the Soul Food Social. By bright and early, I really mean 10 AM, and I actually started cooking around noon. I had to make some Macaroni Pie (caribbean version of mac and cheese), and a lot of it before my nine hour shift began at four. Also note that I had to make this macaroni pie without a grater, and thus must thank Genina for helping me finely cube over a pound and a half of cheese and carrots.
After finishing up the pie, I got ready for work, and headed over to the Davis Center (where I work) to look over the final setups for the Soul Food Social later on that night. Might I add that I am very proud of all the members of the ALANA House who made it to the DC by 6PM, all clean and spiffy like to serve food at the SFS! Many thanks go out to you!
I’m not going to lie, I was very nervous about the whole thing when I heard that they were changing up the way the social is usually ran, but I feel like incorporating Alumni into the event was much better than that of previous years. Also, the fact that the buffet was set up down in the Livak Ballroom was also a much better idea than cramming it either into the room, or in the Livak Fire Place lounge. Thank you Nicole Constantine, the new President of the Black Student Union, you’re doing just fine!

This is the cover of MIDA magazine by a friend of mine Mike O.(Class of 2012), a student here at UVM. Nicole is being featured here because of her role as the President of BSU.

A whirl of events that I just powered through, and was very glad of it! I had a bunch of personal errands to run on Sunday, and somehow still managed to make some time for the ALANA program, as well as for the general Living and Learning community. I can’t really get into details about those things just yet, but when it is time for you to know, I shall be the first to bestow the news of the hottest new events happening right here at UVM!
On another note, I have officially trashed the list I posted earlier this week, and have started on a new one which shall be epic if I actually get everything on the list done by the end of this week. I also think that if I finish the entire list, that I deserve a cookie of some sort… I hope one of my friends happen to read this, and make note of said cookie request.

And now it is Monday, and I have to finish up an assignment due before midnight, and prepare myself for some serious family bonding time with my friends tonight, as I will be invisible to them for the rest of this week. It is sad, but as it has become the hibernation time of the semester (when everything seems to be due, or beginning to become actual work), I’m sure I will also need pictures of their faces as well because they too will be living in either their:
1- Room
2- Library (Bailey Howe and/or Dana Medical)
3- Various quiet corners around campus (indoor)
4- Computer labs
5- My common room
6- Votey (if your name is Mike and you are a Math major)

So now that my brain has been evacuated of all thoughts of this past weekend, I leave you with these images I have managed to snag of some of the ALANA Suite members, and other volunteers for the Soul Food Social!

Buffet line 1 at the SFS!

Buffet line 2 at the SFS!

PS: If you wanted to learn more about MIDA Magazine, here’s a link to the FB page:

You’ll have to copy and paste that into your thingy bar (sorry, I don’t know the actual name of it) and it’ll take you right there!



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