Is it raining out? Oh no, I just thought the water falling from the sky was visiting from the lake.

30 Sep

If you have been on campus these past three days, you may have noticed that there is a moisture theme that UVM likes to pull out every so often and set free upon the campus. I’m just kidding, that is all Mother Nature, so send your complaints elsewhere. But seriously, it is making Bailey Howe (Library) a very difficult place to be, because EVERYONE and their parents (literally) are there. However, I can just make my way up to the super duper secret 4th floor, and all shall be well. Although, I feel like the people on the 4th floor may hate me a little, because I type very loudly. My bad… I shall try to type quieter.
On the bright side, I am doing giving my list a run for its money! I have already been working on multiple points on the list, and I’m also doing laundry and getting ready for my one-on-one program director meeting later on this afternoon. I might also have to leave the library a little earlier than I thought (ie: right now), and head on back to L/L and try to get some more stuff going there. Hopefully I don’t drown in the constant downpour that seems to be going on out there.
And because I try to give you guys some eye candy at the end of most posts, I shall see what I can get from deep within the picture vaults of my computer… (this is the part where I go in search, and come back with gold!)

Oh… This is how most people feel about the weather today, seeing as it has been the same for the last 3 days!

Raining again? Not surprised.



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