First General Psych Exam Today

28 Sep

As I prepare to go into my first Psych Exam of the semester, I find myself contemplating a lot of the reading material, and making sure that I have gotten the important bits, and haven’t just been memorizing every little detail. However, I know for a fact that information that I have memorized probably won’t be on the test, and thats just the luck of the draw. Usually I would be in a mad panic before an exam, but it never seems to be the case when it comes to the first exam. Of course I prepare for the exam as best I can, but I don’t go quite mad over it because there is nothing I can really do. You won’t ever really know how well your going to do on a first exam in a class you are taking for the first time, because you don’t know your professor’s style.
At this point, I can only hope that because I’ve been doing really well on the homework assignments, and the quizzes, that I will come out with a decent grade reflecting my overall ability. So, now that my roommate is FINALLY out of the shower, I shall hit that up, grab some coffee, and lightly review until I head over for the test. The best method I have found for relaxing before the exam is listening to my favorite song on repeat until I walk into the exam room. Then just getting out the materials I need for the test, and clearing my mind for the next however many minutes the test takes.
Ok… But for real though, I got to go go.
(Before Ben tries to run into the bathroom before me!)
Wish me luck!



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