Burlington Weather: You best be prepared!


This morning, it was beautiful out, albeit a bit humid. I pranced to my Psych Exam, listening to my pre-exam song, and soaked up all the beautiful rays of sunlight that managed to pop through the clouds. When I left the exam and headed over to the Sociology Department (31 S. Prospect st.) to drop off my assignment, it was a little more cloudy, but still cool and welcoming to those of us who went into hiding because of torrential downpours from the night prior. Now, upon leaving Larry’s class (Human Development and Family Studies 161), it is raining something fierce outside!

It is quite overwhelming actually. I have been kind of coasting along in a spring type feeling, and was completely taken aback by the sudden downpour. I mean, I should know by now, that you have to prepare for every season when you live in Burlington, but a girl can hope… Can’t she? Its so sad that this morning I wore shorts to class, and now I have to whip out my galoshes (rain boots or gumboots) and walk down to the Class Council meeting in a bit.
I secretly wish that it will rain horribly so that I don’t have to walk there, but I know that it won’t happen… I’m not that lucky.
However… I should go prepare to head on down to Grasse Mount (the official club house of Class Council!), and meet with my BFF Julia (also Class President for the 2012 Class Council) and the rest of council to talk about all the fabulous things we want to bring to a campus near you!

Later I’ll be back with some info for the BSU Soul Food Social as part of Homecoming Weekend (which is this weekend)!

About Reba

Hey there! My name is Reba and I’m a Junior at the University of Vermont. I am a Program Director at Living and Learning for the ALANA House, A Building Manager at the Davis Center, a member of the 2012 Class Council, an active member in the LGBTQA community, a friendly face and an open heart. In this blog, I am going to try to make my UVM experience as real as possible to all who are in need of a little more perspective than the UVM booklets have to offer! So stop by and stay a while… You may read something you enjoy!