Ugly Sweater Weather!

27 Sep

As I am now preparing to really enter into the real world (I am not quite yet a real person when I go to my 8:30 AM class), I found myself wanting to put on not a sweatshirt, or a peacoat, or a scarf… No, I wanted more than that. I wanted to wear my one of my ugly sweaters. I know not everyone appreciates them, but I must tell you, they are the best.
Who doesn’t like a good laugh all day round? I know every time I look down at my ugly sweater, amusement dances around my head going “lalalalala, I am amusing myself… tralalalalalalalLA!”

So now, as I prepare to journey across campus to hand in my Expository Writing portfolio for review, I leave you with this picture:

Please excuse my face... Its on vacation from the rest of this picture.

And these words:
“Water is polar.”- The wise words of my 9th grade Biology teacher.



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