Rachel Kahn Fogel: Artist and 1st Lady of UVM!

27 Sep

So I figure since I spend most of my time on Monday’s at the Davis Center, I might as well inform you that there is a new art exhibit now on display at the DC! Rachel Kahn Fogel has some of her most colorfully whimsical pieces on display for all to come and enjoy!

If you haven’t received a FB (facebook) invite to this one yet, here it is:

Corn in Suitcase

Opening Reception For “Inside Out”
Wednesday, September 29 ยท 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Livak Fireplace Lounge, Dudley H. Davis Center

“The opening reception of an exhibit of paintings by Rachel Kahn-Fogel running from September 29th to October 30th. The collection is built up of intensely colored paintings filled with incongruous objects with distortions of size and proportions revealing humor and mystery. Come for the live Jazz, the food, the artist talk, the good company, and most importantly the art!”- Art in the Dudley H. Davis Center

And I know your jealous that I got an invitation and you didn’t, but its only because I have two insiders at the DC who work on all the Art projects in the building. I’m currently watching Phil put up all the names of the paintings, and its quite entertaining. My favorite piece so far would have to be Corn In Suitcase, which is also the image I have displayed in this post!

You should come by and give it a gander on the opening night. Maybe even meet the Artist herself!



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