26 Sep

I am procrastinating.

My friend’s think I’m writing my paper, but what they don’t know is that I’m writing this blog. I am going to try to give you tips on how to avoid procrastination… But it will probably be more of what things you are now going to be addicted to doing instead of doing actual work.

Do not:
-Check your email.
-Go on Facebook.
-Get on Stumbleupon.com
-Check your Twitter.
-Check the other email accounts you no longer use, because your UVM email is probably the only one you currently use, and that just doesn’t make sense.
-Call, or text, anyone you know… You will not tell them you are procrastinating, and thus they will not stop you from procrastinating.
-Invite people over to have a “homework” party, you will just end up watching a movie.
-Come to this blog, or any other blog and read about things, because then you know you’re procrastinating, and you will feel ashamed.
-Look at pictures on facebook of:-
~people you know
~people you don’t know
~ your own pictures

Basically get off of the internet, and try to work from your notebooks, and or textbooks as much as possible. And if you ABSOLUTELY have to use your computer, remember that you are paying for this, and time is money: The more time you waste, the more money you will be costing yourself in the long run.
With those words, I shall join Connor and Julia in their states of concentration and get this paper banged out!

And now a random GIF:

‘Til next time!



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