Work Study: A Magical Land Where You Get Paid To Study.

24 Sep

I just realized how wonderful work study truly is… However, there are some that are better than others. I for example, have found my way into the magical land of Computer Lab Assistants, where your only real concern is to make sure that people are following the laws of the land (and they aren’t trying to steal stuff). But don’t get it twisted now, there are things you will be required to do from time to time.
For Example: Today I had to check and make sure the printer was stocked with paper and ink, re-hang some fallen signs, tidy up the lab space, and clean down the white boards from the night before. I am not trying to make this sound like a lot of work by any means, I am just saying that sometimes there will be more to do than usual, but nothing you can’t manage.
Some people though do not get lucky. I have heard rumors of places where you do nothing but work. I have not come in contact with one of these alternate universes yet, and seeing as I only have one year left here after this one, I feel fairly confident that I can make it to the finish line without having to entertain one of those as a work study option.
So my friends, the moral of this story is: Know thine course load, then looketh for a work study that shallst alloweth you to get thine worketh doneth!
And if you have gotten yourself into a work study position that does not allow for you to get work done, then I shall remind you of the words of wisdom bestowed upon me from Professor Mai (Asiain Religions 21), via Confucius, and translated by Connor: Shut your hole, and know your role.
You can’t cry over spilled milk, especially if you spilled it.

Knowledge bestowed.



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