Greetings From Your Friendly Davis Center Building Manager!

24 Sep

Hey Ya’ll Hey!!!!!

Greeting from the Building Manager desk in the Davis Center Operations and Event Services Office! I feel like this Friday write up will be a weekly thing, mostly because there is ALWAYS something going down at the DC most Friday nights.
Tonight there will be Salsa Dancing at Brennan’s from 6PM-9PM, so if you are reading this and its between that time period, you need to get up and get over here! It’s a blast and a half!
But on a more serious note, they’re also hosting the Staff Recognition night on the 4th floor as well. Thanks UVM for knowing how to support your staff!

So even if you aren’t going to be Salsa dancing tonight, or being recognized by UVM, you should grab a book, or some friends and head over to the DC! There are big comfy couches, board games, and pool to entertain all your “chillaxin” needs!

Maybe I’ll see you around the building!



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