Please note the time!

22 Sep

Well, it is now 12:26 AM and I have just finished both my Expository English Peer Review assignment, as well as my extra credit handout for Methods of Sociology. I feel very accomplished seeing as it only took me 3 WEEKS to figure out the difference between Causal and Non-Causal hypothesis (and no I will not say what it is, because you must learn on your own… MWHAHAHAHAHA!).

Although, I must say that I did find going to (Sociology) office hours today was a lot more helpful than I thought it would actually be! It was so much easier to complete the handout once I had a firmer grasp on the definitions of both of the hypothesis stated.

HOWEVER… I shall retire to bed and wake up at 7:20 AM to go to Soc 100, where I shall learn things like statistical data gathering, with an emphasis on social science research… Or something to that effect!

What I will be like because I am delirious from lack of proper sleep.

Anyways… Good Night and Good Morning!

Catch you on the flip side!



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