Hello world!

21 Sep

Oh snap! This is a new step for me…
I just want to introduce myself to all of you who choose to read this here blog! My name is Reba, and I am part of the 2012 graduating class. I have many roles on campus, and over time you’ll see the many faces of this international girl. This is my first post, and it may be a little rough around the edges, but like everything else we do, it takes time to get into the groove of things.

Speaking of grooves… Welcome to the world of Groovy UV(M)! Whether you already go to this FABULOUS college, or you want to be part of the ”Go GREEN!” initiative here at UVM, there will always be room for you! However, seeing as I have class with Professor extraordinaire Larry Shelton in about twenty minutes, and I need at least five of those precious minutes to grab some noms (delicious food). I have to bid you all adue until I have further beans to dish about.

Ciao for now… A new face,



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