My soul has been eaten by my internship… But I LOVE IT!

8 Nov

Life has been really crazy lately, mostly because my internship is owning my soul. I spend so much time with both my UVM Faculty Supervisor and my Internship Supervisor that I don’t even remember what my roommates look like. Its coming up to class registration for the Spring, and I am so ready to meet with my advisor about my options for next semester. I only have two requirements for next semester, and all the other credits are up to me. I know they say you shouldn’t slack off during the last semester, but I finally get to take fun classes for once! You can’t fault a girl for wanting to mix up her last semester now can you?
Anyways… I will be back sometime soon, maybe even with a video post???
I’ll let you know more about my schedule the next time I can spare a moment to share tid-bits about lil’ old me!

Off Campus Problem El Numero UNO: Transportation!!!!!

20 Sep

This morning when I woke up, for the first time ever since the semester started, and I truly realized how much I really do miss living on Campus. The convenience of just rolling out of bed, throwing some sweats on, swiping your CatCard for some breakfast and coffee, then grabbing the bus to class (all in 20 minutes) is a luxury I surely took for granted. As it takes me two buses, 30 minutes of travel time, and me waking up an hour and a half before I need to be on campus is not the most ideal way to travel. Though one of my roommates has a car, my schedule is the ONLY one of the four of us who starts WAY later than all the rest, so I’m always stuck hauling my tush up to campus alone 🙁
But its okay, because with your student ID, all the CCTA buses leaving from Cherry St. are FREE! Very convienient… Shout out to UVM for knowing what’s up with free transportation VIA the bus!!
Anywho… I have to be off to class now, seeing as I have it in like a hour.
No worries, you’ll all hear from again.

Oh you know... calmly taking this picture before I sprint to the bus stop... NBD.


How Did I Become A Senior?

8 Sep

Whoa… It’s been a while, but I think I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.
Somehow, between entering UVM and spending the last three years here in Burlington, I became a Senior. It just snuck up on me, and started preparing me for the end. Its been about two weeks now, and school is in full swing! This semester I am living off campus, taking 18 Credits, working at the Davis Center as the newly appointed Lead Building Manager, my internship field placement and am now the proud mother of Derek the Hedgehog. I know this sounds like a lot, but I mean… You only live once, right?

Derek saying Goodnight!

Hopefully this year will be full of magic, wonder and UVM Career Services visits (so I can get help figuring out my career options)!
However, I must go to bed now, seeing as I have a meeting with my advisor bright and early.
Ta Ta For Now!

Board of Trustees!

4 Feb

Every so often, there is a gathering of sorts in the Davis Center where the Board of Trustees come together and make most of the academic and economic decisions for the following school year. That time is NOW! For the next couple of days there will be meeting upon meeting, where Alumni, Students, Faculty and Trustees will come together and each play their role in the direction UVM will be taking in the upcoming academic year.

I am proud to say that I will be working this event until the very end.
Someone needs to make sure things are running smoothly… Why not me?

But I have to go… Someone somewhere needs my help!
Ciao for NOW!

Welcome Back!

31 Jan

Its been quite some time since I have been able to blog, and that is something I would like to think is coming to an end soon… Starting with this post.

The new year has started, and it is going all out! Just last night was Winter Ball, and night of dance and socializing offered to the student body by Class Council as part of UVM’s awesome winter festivities. About 700 of UVM’s finest (students) gathered at the Hilton to dance and have a good time! The sold out event had to turn many away at the door, but I hope that those who waited until the last minute this year now know that this event is not one to take lightly.

But other than the general merriment and splendor that seems to be the start of my Spring semester 2011, I think I’m just mostly glad to be back home at Groovy UV!

Ciao for now!

Mid-Term Craziness is OVER!

25 Oct

Hello All!

I know I have been MIA recently, but it was for a good cause… ACADEMIC SUCCESS!!!!!!! I have just finished my three weeks of mid-terms/mid-term papers and project, and I have come out on top! Passed all of my mid-terms with acceptable grades, and can now focus on the rest of the semester without the panic and frenzy of the half way mark. At this point, I can take a breather and enjoy life a little more.

On the UVM front, though the weather has been rocky the past three weeks, things are settling down academically for everyone, and people are heading in to see those advisors before Registration next month. Registration is almost like a ritualistic dance for everyone. It is kind of the make or break point for the following academic year [semester].

First you meet with your advisor. This is sort of like the offering stage of the ritual. You basically go to them, tell them how your semester has been going so far, and how you’ve been doing in your current classes. They then take your responses, and decide whether or not you will be sent along on the track of your decided major, or the projected path of the undecided… OR, they try to set you up with classes you need to take in order to graduate, along with some classes to help you boost your projected GPA, and to get you back onto the right track.

Then, there is the actual song and dance that is getting IN to those classes. For you see, college is not like high school where you get into a class because you have to take it in order to graduate. No my friend… You have to wake up at the crack of dawn and compete with your fellow man to get into the classes you need to get into for the upcoming semester by means of speed and precision. Registration is spread over the course of a week, and it is a hierarchy that very few remain at the top of (AKA: people with early registration).
Monday: Athletes, Honors College, and Priority Registration
Tuesday: Seniors
Wednesday: Juniors
Thursday: Sophomores
Friday: First Years

Essentially, you wake up at like 6:45 AM and wait until 7:00AM to login into your MyUVM account, then furiously type in all the course codes along with approximately 1300-1600 other students, ALL ON THE SAME NETWORK, and hope that you’re faster than the others… And that the section you want to be in doesn’t fill up before you even get the code in. It is a risk we all have to take, and eventually, you earn your spot at the top! Until then, you just have to:

Oh you guys know how I love moving images!

And with these words friends, I shall now try to plan my schedule out because my ritualistic dance begins tomorrow when I go to see my academic advisor.

Ciao for now,

Expository Writing

6 Oct

For my expository writing class we had to read a “cluster” of articles, journal entries, view images and comics, in addition to official documentations of the My Lai case in regard to the Vietnam War. I am foreign. Very, very, very foreign, and hadn’t ever heard of My Lai at all in the little American schooling I had in New Jersey. Lets just say, I ripped into the assignment as if it were a very personal attack on my family and friends.
My Professor tried her best to make the assignment something we would have to come at objectively, but she did not account for the emotions it stirred within her students. Of all the classes she has taught this “cluster” in, we were the first group to take it so personally. No one was offended by the assignment personally, but the information that it was revealing about the government and all the different levels of bureaucracy was more than anyone could handle in class today.
But the thing that really bothered me was how some people in the class did exactly as the text had said about people hiding behind knowledge. They were hiding behind politics, and censorship, and not fully engrossing themselves in the text. Albeit I was highly pissed off by this, I’m kind of glad that we had that sort of division in the class at the same time, because its sort of like a sample of what we, as students will have to face when we do enter the “real” world, realize that people are allowed to be different, and have different opinions to our own.
So now I am on the hunt for something that I can sink my novelistic mind into and start crafting a topic for our own “clusters” for our next paper due on Friday. I hope I find something as interesting as what we have discussed in class.

Also: If you want to know more about My Lai, there are links on the UVM library website that can take you to hundreds of articles. Please note that it is rather sad, and somewhat disturbing… I wish I would have been informed of this prior to reading the articles.

You’re far too kind!

4 Oct


It has been an entire weekend since I have posted, and I am thoroughly sorry for the delay! I have been in the full swing of homecoming weekend, and everything that I was obligated to do over the weekend, that I had no time to spare for blogging. But the time is nigh! I am at work, doing my Psych home work, and it got to the point where I could no longer remember what I had been reading, so I’m taking this moment to blog about the weekend.


I woke up bright and early, and began cooking for the Soul Food Social. By bright and early, I really mean 10 AM, and I actually started cooking around noon. I had to make some Macaroni Pie (caribbean version of mac and cheese), and a lot of it before my nine hour shift began at four. Also note that I had to make this macaroni pie without a grater, and thus must thank Genina for helping me finely cube over a pound and a half of cheese and carrots.
After finishing up the pie, I got ready for work, and headed over to the Davis Center (where I work) to look over the final setups for the Soul Food Social later on that night. Might I add that I am very proud of all the members of the ALANA House who made it to the DC by 6PM, all clean and spiffy like to serve food at the SFS! Many thanks go out to you!
I’m not going to lie, I was very nervous about the whole thing when I heard that they were changing up the way the social is usually ran, but I feel like incorporating Alumni into the event was much better than that of previous years. Also, the fact that the buffet was set up down in the Livak Ballroom was also a much better idea than cramming it either into the room, or in the Livak Fire Place lounge. Thank you Nicole Constantine, the new President of the Black Student Union, you’re doing just fine!

This is the cover of MIDA magazine by a friend of mine Mike O.(Class of 2012), a student here at UVM. Nicole is being featured here because of her role as the President of BSU.

A whirl of events that I just powered through, and was very glad of it! I had a bunch of personal errands to run on Sunday, and somehow still managed to make some time for the ALANA program, as well as for the general Living and Learning community. I can’t really get into details about those things just yet, but when it is time for you to know, I shall be the first to bestow the news of the hottest new events happening right here at UVM!
On another note, I have officially trashed the list I posted earlier this week, and have started on a new one which shall be epic if I actually get everything on the list done by the end of this week. I also think that if I finish the entire list, that I deserve a cookie of some sort… I hope one of my friends happen to read this, and make note of said cookie request.

And now it is Monday, and I have to finish up an assignment due before midnight, and prepare myself for some serious family bonding time with my friends tonight, as I will be invisible to them for the rest of this week. It is sad, but as it has become the hibernation time of the semester (when everything seems to be due, or beginning to become actual work), I’m sure I will also need pictures of their faces as well because they too will be living in either their:
1- Room
2- Library (Bailey Howe and/or Dana Medical)
3- Various quiet corners around campus (indoor)
4- Computer labs
5- My common room
6- Votey (if your name is Mike and you are a Math major)

So now that my brain has been evacuated of all thoughts of this past weekend, I leave you with these images I have managed to snag of some of the ALANA Suite members, and other volunteers for the Soul Food Social!

Buffet line 1 at the SFS!

Buffet line 2 at the SFS!

PS: If you wanted to learn more about MIDA Magazine, here’s a link to the FB page:

You’ll have to copy and paste that into your thingy bar (sorry, I don’t know the actual name of it) and it’ll take you right there!

HDFS 161: Blowing minds every Tuesday and Thursday

30 Sep

Whoa! Mind blown in Larry’s Class today… Just gonna throw this out there, take it or leave it.

Schools are manipulated environments where everything is a control, and we just exist within its boundaries.

Just think about that…

Good job society... You got us right where you want us.

We live in an experiment, that is being carried out all over the country.
Thank you Larry, I have been enlightened.

Is it raining out? Oh no, I just thought the water falling from the sky was visiting from the lake.

30 Sep

If you have been on campus these past three days, you may have noticed that there is a moisture theme that UVM likes to pull out every so often and set free upon the campus. I’m just kidding, that is all Mother Nature, so send your complaints elsewhere. But seriously, it is making Bailey Howe (Library) a very difficult place to be, because EVERYONE and their parents (literally) are there. However, I can just make my way up to the super duper secret 4th floor, and all shall be well. Although, I feel like the people on the 4th floor may hate me a little, because I type very loudly. My bad… I shall try to type quieter.
On the bright side, I am doing giving my list a run for its money! I have already been working on multiple points on the list, and I’m also doing laundry and getting ready for my one-on-one program director meeting later on this afternoon. I might also have to leave the library a little earlier than I thought (ie: right now), and head on back to L/L and try to get some more stuff going there. Hopefully I don’t drown in the constant downpour that seems to be going on out there.
And because I try to give you guys some eye candy at the end of most posts, I shall see what I can get from deep within the picture vaults of my computer… (this is the part where I go in search, and come back with gold!)

Oh… This is how most people feel about the weather today, seeing as it has been the same for the last 3 days!

Raining again? Not surprised.



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