Presentations & Exhibits

post on: Looking for the National Dream
The Habsburg Consular Service in Comparative Perspective
July 2017

post on: SHAFR panel on Aid and Emotion
“The Sympathies of the Consul are Strongly Aroused”
June 2017

post on: AHA panel on Making Digital History Work
Planning for a Brighter Day
January 2017

post on: Virtual Exhibit
Poultry in the Archives
August 2016

post on: Transimperial US History
Comparing Consular Services ca. 1897
May 2016

post on: Virtual Exhibit
“Turn-of-the-century Corporate Letterhead”
November 2015

post on: Digital Humanities events at UVM
“Less Daunting Stuff (that is still Digital Humanities, I think)”
October 2015

post on: UVM Department of History Faculty Research Seminar
“Bureaucracy and Humanity:
Exploring the Records of the US Consular Service”
September 2015

post on: SHAFR panel on the Consular Service
“Charting the US Consular Service in the Long Nineteenth Century”
June 2015