Emergence of Life

The Mouth of Centennial Brook, at this time of year, is seeing a bustling amount of life. Between Black Capped Chickadee’s and other small birds feeding in the brush, and the evidence of White Tailed Deer , the animal life is teeming– an attribute I had not experienced on my previous visits. The majority of the leaves have fallen off of the hardwoods, which results in easier birding at the site! The brush and tall grasses remain dense, which is excellent for feeding, but makes difficult for identifying the source of the rustling and calls that come from within. Due to the heavy rainfall of the past week, the retention pond had a babbling outpour that I had not previously noticed, which may be the site of many other water-loving species such as toads and frogs– the calls of which I believe I heard while I watched the birds bound between the hardwoods and the brush.