Adobe Premiere!!

I was working on a project with complex music, and i wanted to figure out a way to make the traditions more seamless. This pages helped me get on the right track. I was able to make the songs fade out and overlap the next song so it would sounds seamless, this also helped for adding voice overs. One of my voice overs sounded like it was in a room that echoed. The other page I looked at in audio was the application audition. reading about this stuff made me really want the whole package of apps because they are so specific that it really lets you control every aspect of you work.

I tried sooo hard to get screen shots, must have taken 800 of them but they did not show up on my computer i dont know why. I will include the link, and if it works I will add the pictures at some point.

The video called taking control of your time line was really helpful. Although the basic set up is similar to final cut, but this video highlighted the differences. The timelines structure is basically the same which is helpful. While i know the basics of editing on a timeline, this video shows you how to take control of the timeline and make it work for you, the man in the video shows a lot of buttons and options I didn’t know. for example the fact that opacity is on as a default. or the process of showing and hiding information in order to have more room to work with your footage.

The next video i watched was one that explains the shortcuts, with my knowledge gained from the first video, and the shortcuts, i was able to move a lot faster and efficiently on my timeline. The short cuts are not too different from final cut pro, or just basic mac shortcuts. I love that the shortcuts are logical and they can be changed if a person really dont like the defaults, he also goes into the pc and mac shortcuts so the video applies to all. POWER EDITORS, great name for shortcuts, slip and slide and so on.


My favorite part of this editing system is the compatibility and the of all the applications and the way that if they are used together in harmony, it can give you ultimate control and really improve your project