Why Lone Rock?

Because it rocks! Well no, but there are a lot of rocks. I chose this place because I was amazed how the trees grew on these rocks and survive the long winters. I also noticed there wasn’t a transition between the trees and the water like I am used to at home in Rhode Island. I have studied the relationship between the ocean and the land back home. It is interesting how the ocean and life interact with each other at the point where they meet. In that zone everything is different. The ocean-dwelling animals living in the intertidal zone have adapted to live in the full sun for long periods of time and the vegetation have adapted to withstand the excess salt. There are dunes that separate the land from the water. However at Lone Rock Point there is no transition, the same trees that grow in the mountain tops grow straight up to the waterfront. Over the this blog I hope to explore the relationship between the lake and the life considering it’s close proximity. If you would like to check out my spot and look at the cool trees growing over rocks, head to North Beach and walk to the end. There is a fence and a start to a path, walk the path and once you reach a cliff, you know you have arrived!

How does it grow like this?