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It is a beautiful time at Lone Rock Point. With the weather warming up, life is beginning to emerge. Over the past couple weeks we have been experiencing heavy rainfall and a lot of snow melt. This is great because it is creating vernal pools, like this one. Vernal pools are crucial because they are … Continue reading

Home for Break!

For spring break, I went back home to Rhode Island. It was a beautiful week and the sun was shining! There is hope for spring and warmth! I spent some time in the water surfing and came across schools of fish. It was hard id the fish. However this reminded me of Lone Rock Point … Continue reading

First Time Back!!

This is the first time I have visited back to my place in a while. Good Ol Lone Rock Point is still beautiful as always. It was a hazy winter day when I visited and I surprisingly didn’t run into anyone on the trails since it is a popular destination. While I might have not … Continue reading

Human History At Lone Rock

Most likely the Abenaki Tribe came through my phenology spot at one point or another. They could have used the land for mainly hunting. Most likely little agriculture was done here because there are lots of exposed rock and little soil which make conditions not very ideal. Most of the forest in this area is … Continue reading

Burlington or California?

While you may think the picture below is of the sun setting on beautiful Lake Chaplain (or not), however it is setting over the Pacific! Like Burlington, this phenology place has equally beautiful sunsets. I am examining how the land and the lake and humans interact with each other at Lone Rock Point in VT. … Continue reading

Californian Aiiiiiiiirrrr

The warm pacific wind blowing through the valley carries sweet scents that pleases the nostrils. The saltiness meets the eucalyptus trees that create a scent that is hard to miss. This place is much different than Lone Rock Point in Burlington. The climate is dry yet very green at the same time. This area hasn’t … Continue reading


The season is quickly changing, but not so much at Lone Rock Point. I was surprised about how green my phenology place still is. The trees around campus are quickly losing leaves however the trees up at the edge of the rocks are still holding on to theres. This raised many questions for me. I … Continue reading