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April Update

4/16/18 It’s a cold, wet spring afternoon and I find myself back in Centennial Woods. Recent precipitation has turned the trails to a brown muck, and I can hear the stream at my site well before I see it. When I reach it, I find the generally calm stream with its highest water levels I’ve … Continue reading

March Update

Its early March, bringing a wild variety of weather to Centennial Woods. Only a few days ago temperatures were rising into the upper 50s. Today, though, was a modest 30 degrees with flurries. Down by the water, the water level had risen since my last visit and the water was flowing rapidly, most likely from … Continue reading

Winter Update

After purchasing a tracking book and gaining knowledge on how to track from lecture, I found myself itching to revisit my location within Centennial Woods. With a dusting of snow from just over a day ago, conditions were great to find tracks. Based on the packed down trail, I knew I was not the first … Continue reading