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April Update

4/16/18 It’s a cold, wet spring afternoon and I find myself back in Centennial Woods. Recent precipitation has turned the trails to a brown muck, and I can hear the stream at my site well before I see it. When I reach it, I find the generally calm stream with its highest water levels I’ve … Continue reading

March Update

Its early March, bringing a wild variety of weather to Centennial Woods. Only a few days ago temperatures were rising into the upper 50s. Today, though, was a modest 30 degrees with flurries. Down by the water, the water level had risen since my last visit and the water was flowing rapidly, most likely from … Continue reading

Winter Update

After purchasing a tracking book and gaining knowledge on how to track from lecture, I found myself itching to revisit my location within Centennial Woods. With a dusting of snow from just over a day ago, conditions were great to find tracks. Based on the packed down trail, I knew I was not the first … Continue reading


This location has a wide variety of vegetation present. Primarily grasses and shrubs cover the ground, with a few ferns present as well. Various types of flowers decorate the landscape, including Canada Goldenrod and New England Aster. At eye level, the view is dominated by woody plants. Common woody plants that can be seen include … Continue reading