Posy #4

political remix video.mp4

This political remix is about violence and the argument it is trying to make is to stop all this violence.  The video is persuasive in which there is fast cut by cut scene of real action takes of violence in real life.  While all these cuts and examples are happening, there is a narrator throughout in the background making his words and voice powerful.  The end of the video is also really powerful when it ends dramatically in “break the silence: stop the violence.  It would probably make it more effective if there was a different pace, possibly slower, just ot change things up and catch the readers mind.

Post 3

Kunzig and Emlin, authors of “Carnivores Dilemma,” and “The Astonishing Weaponry of a Dung Beatle.” In both articles both authors use sources with complex information and research that Kunzig and Emlin need to translate in layman’s terms. For example, all those charts and stats are put together nicely where anyone can read and understand. They took information and put in into a very presentable way. These authors see trends or take what an academic expert (a biologist) and dumb it down so the reader can understand well. Kunzig and Emlin did a good job doing that.

Post 2

Throughout Robert Kunzigs, “Carnivores Dilemma” Kunzig deeps deep to find more information on if eating meat is really ethical or unethical. That’s the burning tensions in this article, is eating eat ethical or unethical. He sets out this tensions right in the introduction of the article. He goes on to say “Meat is murder”, then says “Meat is delicious” back to back. This is exactly the tension of the article. Yes meat is murder, but yes meat is delicious. Murder is bad, and deliciousness is good. So what is meat? Good or bad? Throughout this article Kunzig goes and talks to many experts. Butcher shop experts along with people who do not eat meat. He goes on a grabs a ton of information and lets the reader decide their own answer from the information Kunzig has given. Kunzig had many different sources, experts, universities, etc.