Post 7

“It’ll Make Sense When You’re Older,” is a podcast by ‘this American life. This podcast is about getting older, time passing, and, of course, the overused saying ‘It’ll make sense when you’re older.’ Which is actually the name of the podcast. The story and the characters in this podcast describe in chronological order how things change when you get older, the lessons learn, and how one has so much knowledge and experience after getting old, having kids, and living their life. At first, when you are young and think you know everything and think you are invisible, than getting told “it will make sense when you get older” can be very annoying and hit the core of someone who thinks they know it all. When you are a teenager, you go through a lot, hard lessons are learned, you have social responsibilities and all these fake or real friends. You do not really know who is a fake or real friend as a teenager. Like I said earlier, and how this podcast portrays the fact of the matter that when you get older, those are the wisest days. When you are old you are wise. The more experiences you have been through and that you have learned from bring you to your day of wisdom when you are old. You are most wise in later age, but in later age you do not have that much time left. Also, there is a factor of the brain starting to decline. This podcast shows all this, the factors of time in your life, chronologically by age. This podcast also dives into the fact of the matter of where one is at neurological state for parents and their kids It is a very interesting listen where the listener can learn a lot about their own life and the lives of others around them. This podcast really takes there focus and expands it in a really engaging way that the listener can follow without getting lost or bored ever. One issue I thought there was with this podcast, others can disagree, but in my opinion, I think one of the characters was talking for too long at certain points. When some or one of the characters talk to long for certain periods of time, the podcast can really lose its listeners if it is too long. I would definitely listen to other podcast like this. The story and characters were really engaging, for the most part.

Post 6

“The Problem with the Solution,” by Invisibilia is about a couple that keep on trying to find solutions to problems. The striking thing is they find out that the solutions are really the problems and the battles with mental health. The story is set up in a very engaging way. The character development throughout this keeps the listener gripping throughout. The music that is implemented in this podcast is used in very clever spots in certain situations throughout the podcast. There is also some music through out the podcast that keeps everything from sounding too dull. The scripting sounds on point as the story and setting and character development are really clear and interesting. Not one person ever talked for that long and I feel like that is key to keeping the listener engaged with the story. It would be very interesting for me to listening in on ‘the edit’ or the scripting or the interviewing. It seems like a lot has been put into this podcast behinds the scenes and I just want to see the exact process professionally. The scenery and sensory detail impresses me in this podcast. These professional podcasts always seem to present the right tone and feeling of what they are talking about. I can not quite put my finger on what it is but they always seem to portray emotion and tone so well. I wonder how this idea was pitched and how it was formed or fixed throughout the process of making the podcast. The climax in this podcast was built up to nicely with all the beginning intro stuff and the setting into the story. They did a good job of starting the story and keeping the reader hooked in until the climax. And you always seem to learn something after listening to a podcast. Interesting podcast and good listen.

Post 1

Building my website, I want to model it after the website I have linked above. I think this website design would be perfect for what we are doing for class, and my personal preference. The website is very neat and has the reader engaged the moment you enter the site. The overall outline of the website makes you want to explore and click on everything. The website is easily accessible and in you can find what you are looking for probably on the first try. Like I said, this website design would be perfect for this class to be able to beautifully showcase the four projects that are easy accessible. One thing that could be improved about this website is the menu bar. The menu bar is way too small in the top right hand corner. It was the last thing I saw as I was navigating throughout the site. It didn’t even say the word ‘menu’ on it, which I think is a no brainer to me. I think the menu bar is a key element to any website. Within the menu bar the viewer should be able to get to anything throughout the site through the menu bar. If the menu bar is too small, not seeable, not easily accessible, than that will hurt a website and anyone who is trying to navigate through it. The website has big pictures which are put out in a way that don’t get in the way of anything on the site. They are beautiful and they add to the website. They don not just showcase to say hey this is where you should click, it shows the identity of the projects through big beautiful design. The website prevents the big pictures from getting in the way of everything with a neat effect. If you were to hover your mouse cursor over a picture, you would get a description of what is behind that picture / link / project. I would like to learn how to do this neat special effect with my own website. It makes everything better and adds so much room for whatever one wants to put on the site. I like the fact that they showcase the big four projects in this website, but I also like the fact that if you scroll down you can see more non-substantial projects. This kind of website outline would be perfect with the class with the four projects, then when the viewer scrolls down they can see the blog post. As well as everything in the menu bar. Which should be big and accessible. This website is very user friendly while keeping all the aesthetically pleasing elements. This is one of the most ‘user friendly’ websites with that combination of aesthetically pleasing level. It’s impressive and I strive to have that kind of stellar combination in my out portfolio website and use what I learned from this website to apply it to my own. The colors on this website are very vibrant which work with everything and are very beautiful. this website is very effective in many different ways especially: accessibility, easy navigation, beautiful colors, aesthetically pleasing, showcases everything well, , cursor hovering, pictures showing identity of each project, user-friendly, good language, and more. I strive to have my website even be comparable to this one.

Post 5

My proposal for my video remix is trying to show the prevalence in the tension of the FBI and college sports. Recently, the FBI has gone into a deep investigation, already revealing striking evidence, and dealing out harsh punishments. One of the punishments were ending the career of Louisville coach, Rick Pitino, and costing him tens of millions is what was left on his contract. Gone. There are many different media clips with recognized and reliable media brands that argue many different points. One of the points are that college players should get paid. Another argument is that a full scholarship with free education is enough. Other arguments range in between these two main ones. I plan to use these many different media clips with many different valid points to try and make a persuasive argument of my own with a video remix. My outline for my remix is to first, show the prevalence and the harshness of the FBI to get the listener hooked. Then, I will start to formulate my argument whatever it may be one way or the other, while driving home the point at the end of the remix leaving the listener hopefully thinking and maybe convinced of the argument I am trying to portray. I think this is a gripping topic with an audience for everyone. Everybody is interested in what the FBI gets deep into, whether your a sports fan or not. And once the casual reader is hooked about the FBI, and can state my argument and the background around that argument. I will use multiple sports media outlet as my sources as well as non-sports media outlets. I think the hook of the FBI will bring in the causal reader for something sports relate, which is still an interesting topic for the casual listener all in itself. I’m not sure I am going to change what anyone in my sources is saying in my remix, but I will use short and fast clips to form what I want and a strong argument. This project is really excited because you can take existing pieces and put them together and change them to make them your own and what you want them to be.

Post 8/9

The main thing I noticed while analyzing the sounds of the podcast, ‘True You – Invisibilia,’ was that they add sounds to match the scenes and moments. When they talk about buzzing, they play buzzing sound. When there’s a slow or dramatic scene they’ll play slow or dramatic music and so on. Like it states in Abel, the sounds and music create an emotional tone, just like in this podcast. There is many sound effects throughout to enhance everything. After truly analyzing the sounds of the podcast, it seems that the sounds and the editing is just as important as anything else that goes into making a good podcast. The sound effects and music make the podcast seem more real.

Post 8

For the inquiry-based podcast Podcast Series group project, our group and I can choose our topic for this project. For this project, it would be nice if our group could perform an interview with someone that has expertise on a certain subject. For this to happen, our topic idea should be as locally based as it can. With that, I think our target audience should be local people. Two topics that come to mind are race / gun control. Both are heavy topics with a lot to talk about. Another idea I had was a “how to” idea or a “stuff you should know” where we show are viewers how to do something and we get a expert in that field to interview and such. And example of this would be “to how invest in bitcoin?” and talking about bitcoin and what it is etc etc. Another idea I had was discussing who you would like the next president to be. It’s a political topic but there is a lot of debate and discussion to have. Another idea I have is “Are you eating the right way?” These are a wide septum ideas, I will probably go with one of my group members’ ideas. I’m trying to think of ideas that ring true to all the things we said in class that make a good story/podcast, based off of Adel. And I think some of my ideas can be molded into a story.

Posy #4

political remix video.mp4

This political remix is about violence and the argument it is trying to make is to stop all this violence.  The video is persuasive in which there is fast cut by cut scene of real action takes of violence in real life.  While all these cuts and examples are happening, there is a narrator throughout in the background making his words and voice powerful.  The end of the video is also really powerful when it ends dramatically in “break the silence: stop the violence.  It would probably make it more effective if there was a different pace, possibly slower, just ot change things up and catch the readers mind.

Post 3

Kunzig and Emlin, authors of “Carnivores Dilemma,” and “The Astonishing Weaponry of a Dung Beatle.” In both articles both authors use sources with complex information and research that Kunzig and Emlin need to translate in layman’s terms. For example, all those charts and stats are put together nicely where anyone can read and understand. They took information and put in into a very presentable way. These authors see trends or take what an academic expert (a biologist) and dumb it down so the reader can understand well. Kunzig and Emlin did a good job doing that.

Post 2

Throughout Robert Kunzigs, “Carnivores Dilemma” Kunzig deeps deep to find more information on if eating meat is really ethical or unethical. That’s the burning tensions in this article, is eating eat ethical or unethical. He sets out this tensions right in the introduction of the article. He goes on to say “Meat is murder”, then says “Meat is delicious” back to back. This is exactly the tension of the article. Yes meat is murder, but yes meat is delicious. Murder is bad, and deliciousness is good. So what is meat? Good or bad? Throughout this article Kunzig goes and talks to many experts. Butcher shop experts along with people who do not eat meat. He goes on a grabs a ton of information and lets the reader decide their own answer from the information Kunzig has given. Kunzig had many different sources, experts, universities, etc.