April Centennial Updates

What a day to be alive in Vermont, it’s a solid 65 degrees and while the storm clouds were starting to roll in it still felt sunny and pleasant. While there were not any wildflowers at my coniferous forest spot, I did pass some on the way over. There were beautiful patches of small light blue flowers and dandelions along the sidewalk and the entrance to the woods. When I got to my spot, I was happy to see the completely thawed stream which was high due to rain. There seemed to be more erosion on the river bank as well. There were no flowering trees because they were all coniferous but I noticed lush green moss on the dead trees. I also saw ferns which had been buried under snow for months but still retained there greenness. I listened to bird calls and heard the short successive rap of a pileated woodpecker as well as the two-toned call of a chickadee. I didn’t see these birds but I imagine the chickadees were nesting in nearby deciduous forest stands.

Light blue wildflowers
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