Hello again everyone! So glad to be back at Centennial Woods. The stream at my Centennial Woods site is lined by small gritty pebbles and sand, known as till. Till originates at the time of plate tectonics and various orogenies, an exciting indicator of times past. It was left behind when the ice melted at the end of the ice age after being dragged and dispersed over the landscape.

The abundance of eastern white pine is indicative of second succession and former farming use of the site. All of the trees are the same size which tells the story of a former clear cut.

This leads me to believe that my site is natural community with mid to late succession vegetation.

The amount of hydrology which comes with the presence of the stream is also an indicator.

Since my last visit, I’ve noticed a lot more moisture. The half melted snow from the strong sun lately is showing bare patches. Water is pooled at the base of the trees. The stream has partially thawed and in some areas has later sitting on top of the ice. This strange dichotomy between incoming spring and the last of winter creates a wet, half melted environment.

See you again soon!

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