Mary Sue was the prettiest girl in school, everyone thought so, including Neil. Neil had finally summoned the courage to ask the girl of his dreams out on a date after years of having stared at the back of her golden hair and watching her speed out of the high school parking lot in a red convertible with all the football jocks in their letter jackets. When she said yes, it compensated for years of misery in high school, he was finally breaking out of his shell. Neil went to do some laundry before the  big date at Sonic, he fascinated about putting two straws in the milk shake so they could stare into each others eyes as they consumed their frosty deliciousness. His fantasy soon crumbled when a rat bit him in the ankle. It didn’t hurt much at first but he soon grew delirious and sweaty. He had to cancel his date with Mary Sue, and it was a dagger to the heart. He had a sleepless night and in the morning he noticed hair beginning to grow on his hands, he had an overwhelmingly powerful sense of smell, and an insatiable hunger for cheese.  But it was only the beginning for  Ratso Rizzo, the adolescent wonder.

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