April Showers

Finally! It feels like seeing my sit-spot with some plant life and budding growth was a world ago, and these signs of spring warm my heart. The cottonwoods, basswoods, and silver maples have shown signs of budding, and the ground seems to be growing color back from the grey/white dormancy that winter brought. On the ground, there are signs of fern germination, as well as other green sprouts fighting for sunlight. When I shut my eyes to take it all in, not only did the smell of freshness strike me, but the noticeable bird presence was fascinating to me as well. Though I couldn’t identify much, I did notice the call of a pewee from Allan Strong’s lecture, and the rhythmic thumping of a woodpecker.

The edge effect in my sit spot has become evident to me after lecture. Right along my spot, on one side, is a trail, and on the other is the intervale farm. Both create huge edge effects, drastically impacting the species able to thrive in my spot. Because of this, I am sure that my spot and the wetland in general is home to few large critters, though there was evidence of deer that I found when walking around.

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