Signs of Spring?

As I walked through the forest in Centennial Woods, I couldn’t help but feel a little upset that there weren’t any signs of spring. It was cold today, and the ice and snow covered most of the forest floor. It’s been too cold for amphibians, and there were absolutely zero flowers popping up. The trees still look bare and are still in winter mode, and I think it might be a little while before they’re ready to bud. I did manage to make a quick sketch of the trees and the snow that was on the forest floor, but that was about all the activity I saw. There was a lot of dog and human prints, but other than that there’s not much going on in my spot. My spot lies at the intersection of two trails, and isn’t very far from the road by the UVM police station. Total distance from my spot to the road is probably about 300 yards, so it’s not very far. The edge effect in my spot is pretty significant; the road can be heard pretty easily. This makes it so that animals have the constant stress of cars driving by and man made noise, so it can be hard for some animals to inhabit this area.

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