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Phenology Blog

Introduction to My Location

Posted: October 4th, 2017 by mhorovit

Welcome to my location on the ridge in Centennial woods! Click here to view in Google Maps.


My location can be found by following the main trail into Centennial woods from campus. Once you cross the creek and come to the intersection of trail heads, take the trail on your right that goes up the hill. Soon, on your left once you have reached peak elevation, you have come across my place. The above photo was taken facing 330º north-north west. I chose this place because I think it is a great vantage point for viewing the rest of the woods and it is not too much of a strenuous walk at all, and will be accessible seasonally. The surrounding area is a dry wooded area with a full over story and therefore little ground cover (bushes and small woody plants). The trees within view are a few large Norway Maples, a mixture of young and old Eastern Hemlocks, and a few large Red Oaks. The larger trees make up the over story, and the eastern hemlocks are the shortest amongst them, so clearly the most shade tolerant as the photo above was taken on a sunny day.


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