Nature, Culture, and Sense of Place- The Last Visit

I visited my phenology spot in Centennial Woods one last time before leaving Vermont for the summer. Though not much has changed in the past week, the buds I observed are getting closer and closer to becoming flowers and leaves.

Centennial Woods is a place utilized by many UVM students for recreation. Every time I go there I always see fellow students out experiencing the nature, just like me. In my opinion, places like this are important for the community. For may people at UVM, hiking is part of their persona culture. Having a place that is easily accessible is very important for the students. Because of this, I think that everyone in the UVM community is part of Centennial Woods. Therefore, I do feel a part of my spot. Observing the changes throughout the year has also made me feel closer to my spot I plan on visiting my spot in the future and continue to observe the changes.