Climate Change, Not Denied

I created my “political” video remix in the hopes of highlighting just how serious the issue of climate change is and its massive effects on people around the globe. I included materials from a wide range of sources including; interviews with politicians, funny clips of newscasters getting caught in storms, news reports on climate change and real footage from people who were affected by natural disasters.

I hope that this remix can highlight the seriousness of climate change and the widespread effects that it has on people and the environment. My imagined audience would be people who agree that the issue of climate change is real, is human-made and is scary. These are the type of people who are consumers of environmental videos and natural disaster videos that showcase the detrimental effects of natural disaster. My potential audience may also be those who are interested in storm chasing, which has gained popularity over the last decade as evidenced by television shows such as Storm Chasers which aired on Discovery Channel from 2007 to 2011. I could also imagine viewers who are interested in the political debate over climate change as viewers of my video remix. 

I utilized interviews with Republican politicians and cut the discussions so that they would only be talking about climate change as real, but not speaking about its actual effects. The politicians featured merely stated that the issue was not as severe as most scientists have said and that the reasons for climate change are not entirely human-made. Another commonly occurring statement made by these politicians was that the climate changes daily. Clearly showing their lack of understanding in regards to the effects of climate change over time. The video remix sought to highlight their lack of knowledge by using specific pieces of the interviews, but not others. 

I also included clips of news reporters who were sent out to cover storms but did not realize the immediate danger they put themselves in by covering the storm. I cut out the majority of their reporting and only included the short and humors parts of the video which showed their segment getting disrupted by nature. 

The video remix then featured news reports that used scientific data to speak about the effects of climate change on the planet.  The news reports were typically lengthy, and most of the material they talked about was unnecessary for this video remix. I cut it down to highlight the most shocking, dangerous and scary parts of the reports. 

One part of the video remix that I found particularly challenging was choosing the right clips. Sorting through hundreds of YouTube clips is a time consuming and tedious task that can quickly become discouraging. It was also more challenging then I would have thought to find relevant politicians outright denying climate change. During the initial phase of creating my video remix I felt that there would be an abundance of important Republican Politicians who outright denied climate change, but in reality, they only downplayed its effects and causes. It was also a difficult task to determine which parts of clips were more important than others because nearly every clip, in its entirety, could have been used but that would have created a run on video. 

For creating the video, I used the iMovie software, which comes preinstalled on all Apple computers. It is a simple program that allows for the import of mp4 videos and gives the user the ability to trim and separate clips with ease. To convert the YouTube videos to an mp4 format, I downloaded them using 

Creating the video remix was more similar to composing a conventional paper than I would have thought. It started by determining an issue that I was passionate about and that a mass audience might also get excited about. Similarly, to a conventional paper I was required to research the topic, but what differed from a traditional paper was that all of my sources were videos rather than scholarly papers or scientific journal reports. The editing process of the video remix was also similar to a conventional paper. We worked with peers to gain feedback on our video remixes and suggestions as to how we could improve them. Although the finished product is different from a conventional paper, the formation and takeaways are the same. 

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