Redstone Forest Bird-Eye Map

Describe any changes you have noticed in the appearance of the vegetation since your previous visits. In addition, document and describe any evidence of wildlife using your place as habitat.

Upon my visit to the Redwood Forests, I observed many beautiful signs of nature. When I was there on Saturday, I saw a Monarch butterfly! The butterfly was the most significant sign of wildlife that I saw during my visit. I saw a couple other critters, but the butterfly was the most eye-catching. The trees and plants were beautiful as always, and the grass in the woods is starting to brown a bit. There were many signs of Autumn, but still the remains of summer. There was foliage throughout the trees, and some of the trees had no leaves on them. Winter is going to come before I even know it! Something interesting I observed was the footprints of a fox. I wasn’t initially┬ásure what animal the footprints belonged to, but I compared it to photos of footprints online. Overall, I was able to see the beginnings of Autumn. It is really interesting to see how the place changes every few weeks, always for the better.