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My phenology site is located in the Centennial Woods. Upon entering the Centennial Woods, if you follow the most well walked path until you reach the first intersection, take a right up a large hill, and then go off the path to a graphitized wall you will be very close. From there you can see a very steep hill that appears to have an erosion path going down it: just up there is my location. I thought this would be an interesting place to choose because of its incredibly steep incline. I am most curious to see how different it looks when all of the melting snow from higher elevations uses this location as a path to get down to the stream. There is a distinct pattern to be seen where not much grows on the steep incline besides larger and more established trees, whereas small shrubs and ferns are able to grow at the top because it begins to even out. The most common woody plants are Red Oak trees because they are able to grow on the steep incline.


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