• Final Blog

    Final Blog
    uirvin on Undraa's Phenology
    At Centennial Woods is a social-ecological site where nature and culture intertwine. People go hiking through these woods: families with children, UVM students, residents with dogs. Also, since UVM owns it, […]
    Posted May 05, 2019.
  • Earth Week

    uirvin on Undraa's Phenology
    At my site, no flowers were really starting to bloom yet. I think this is because it is still a little bit cold. I think I can expect flowers in the near future though
    Posted May 05, 2019.
  • Rock Creek Park

    uirvin on Undraa's Phenology
    Over my Spring break, I went home to Washington, DC and spent a lot of time in the forest that covers the middle of DC, Rock Creek Park. Since most of the parks in DC belongs to Rock Creek and I just went home […]
    Posted March 19, 2019.
  • Wetland, Woodland Wildland

    uirvin on Undraa's Phenology
    I would classify my natural community of Centennial Woods as a Woodland. The online reference describes the differences between Wildlands, Woodlands, and Wetlands and was a helpful tool in distinguishing my part […]
    Posted March 18, 2019.
  • Animal Tracks at Centennial Woods

    Animal Tracks at Centennial Woods
    uirvin on Undraa's Phenology
    Since the last time I was in my phenological spot, Centennial Woods, a lot has changed. Unlike last time, there was a thick layer of snow on the ground and most everything was covered in ice. The twigs and grass […]
    Posted February 04, 2019.
  • phenological writing

    phenological writing
    uirvin on Undraa's Phenology
         Abbey- My new phenological place I chose at home, which for me is Washington DC, is a bridge I found while hiking in Rock Creek Park. I could feel the life of the forest calling out to me as I wa […]
    Posted December 02, 2018.
  • Event Map

    Event Map
    uirvin on Undraa's Phenology
      I noticed since my last post that many more plants have become dead. The flora is overwhelmingly brown and the sand/dirt was wet from the recent days of rain; I sunk into each step i took. Despite the […]
    Posted November 09, 2018.
  • Birds eye view of my spot

    Birds eye view of my spot
    uirvin on Undraa's Phenology
    Here is a drawing of an aerial view of my phenology spot. Since I have last been my my spot, the weather has changed dramatically. It has gotten significantly more windy, colder in temperature, and its even snowed […]
    Posted October 23, 2018.
  • Welcome to Centennial Woods!

    Welcome to Centennial Woods!
    uirvin on Undraa's Phenology
    I chose the meadow/brook in Centennial Woods. If you follow the trail you should come to an opening with a bridge and the stream the flows through it. I chose this site because I felt really connected to it when I […]
    Posted October 09, 2018.