• Visit on November 5

    Visit on November 5
    rsoucy on NR1 Phenology Project
    Today I visited my phenology site again. I noticed that a lot more twigs had fallen to the ground at my site possibly due to the heavy wind endured recently. Also, the majority of the deciduous trees at my site […]
    Posted 2 weeks ago.
  • Visit on October 18

    Visit on October 18
    rsoucy on NR1 Phenology Project
    On October 18th I visited my phenology location again. The weather was significantly colder than my last visit. On my last visit, there was a lot more green. The ferns on the ground were beginning to turn a little […]
    Posted 4 weeks ago.
  • Visit October 9 2018

    Visit October 9 2018
    rsoucy on NR1 Phenology Project
    I returned to my phenology spot yesterday to get a more in-depth understanding of the surroundings. When I previously visited, my main goal was to find a good spot with a great central tree. I then looked at a few […]
    Posted last month.
  • Visit on October 1st

    Visit on October 1st
    rsoucy on NR1 Phenology Project
    My spot for my Phenology Project is in Centennial Woods. To get here, you go to the entrance of Centennial Woods. Take the main path along to small bridges until you reach the water. Continue up the small hill […]
    Posted last month.