• Human History of Centennial Woods

    Human History of Centennial Woods
    mfriedb1 on Phenology Blog
    In order to learn more about my phenology location in the Centennial Woods, I went into the special collections area of the library and found a senior thesis on the area by Elaine Vidal.  Included within her […]
    Posted 2 weeks ago.
  • New Phenology Location: Tettegouche State Park

    New Phenology Location: Tettegouche State Park
    mfriedb1 on Phenology Blog
    Mabel Wright writing style: -How contact with nature feels – emotional connection -Nature is an aesthetic experience   My new location was at Tettegouche State Park on Lake Superior.  More spe […]
    Posted 3 weeks ago.
  • Posted 5 weeks ago.
  • Birds-eye map

    Birds-eye map
    mfriedb1 on Phenology Blog
    Last time I went to my site in the Centennial Woods all of the trees still had all of their leaves and all of the foliage was green.  Returning on the 22nd, however, most of the leaves had fallen and those that […]
    Posted last month.
  • About My Site

    About My Site
    mfriedb1 on Phenology Blog
    My phenology site is located in the Centennial Woods. Upon entering the Centennial Woods, if you follow the most well walked path until you reach the first intersection, take a right up a large hill, and then go […]
    Posted October 10, 2017.