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  • Understanding Student Experiences

    mcope on CAS Strategic Plan
    The Student Experience Committee had two very productive meetings in December in which we first examined the exit survey data from recent alumnae and then, based in part on insights from those data, began […]
    Posted January 06, 2014.
  • Surveying the Field

    mcope on CAS Strategic Plan
    The Student Experience Committee had a great second meeting Oct. 31 in which members reported on their research of peer/aspirant peer colleges and universities. Each member selected one institution from the […]
    Posted November 11, 2013.
  • Student Experience Committee off to a great start

    mcope on CAS Strategic Plan
    What’s great about students’ experiences in CAS at UVM now? What are the support structures, co-curricular services, and instructional strategies currently in practice that are particularly successful? What gaps […]
    Posted October 18, 2013.
  • Recently visited London (again)

    mcope on Urban Reflexions
    After a gap of about 15 years, I visited London, UK from August. 30 to Sept. 4 to attend the annual meeting of the Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers. I spent Saturday exploring the city, mostly by foot because there were so many line closures on the Underground. I visited Covent Garden, saw the […]
    Posted September 12, 2011.
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