• November 4th: a poem

    November 4th: a poem
    mbafundo on MaryElena's Phenology Site
    November 4th I fall I fall as the maple leaves in the wind I sway as the breeze pushes me to and fro all throughout the woods. I follow no path, I just follow where you take me. I hear nothing but […]
    Posted 2 weeks ago.
  • The Second Visit!

    The Second Visit!
    mbafundo on MaryElena's Phenology Site
    I decided to visit my site again on Saturday, October 20th. The weather going to my site was very nice, around 60 degrees and sunny. There were a lot of birds chirping and Centennial Woods seemed to be filled with […]
    Posted 4 weeks ago.
  • Welcome to my Phenology Site!

    mbafundo on MaryElena's Phenology Site
    Welcome to my phenology site! To get to my site you must start by going to Centennial Woods. Once you reach the woods, start down the path and continue until you get to the clearing right before the creek and […]
    Posted last month.