• Hare-y Transformations

    Hare-y Transformations
    lmitalsk on EcoBlog
    by Claire Polfus It’s about that time. The leaves hug the forest floor rather than whisper to the wind in the canopy. The nights scatter a frosty pattern across my windows. The cool breeze tantalizes my toes with the anticipation of snowflakes and skis. And, it is dark. It is dark as I wait for the […]
    Posted October 25, 2011.
  • A Closer Look at Cones: Norway Spruce

    A Closer Look at Cones: Norway Spruce
    lmitalsk on EcoBlog
    by Doug Morin   Thwack……thwack…… What was that, I wonder?  Never mind, I have to focus. thwackclunkbang……… Bang? Was that a bang? thwackbang……thwackthwack I couldn’t help myself.  I opened the window and look down to the garage and driveway.  Nothing moved.  The neighbors weren’t even home.  Back to work. thwackthwackthwack I raced over to the window, catching a flash of […]
    Posted October 22, 2011.