• December 9

    jhennin1 on Justine's Phenology Blog
    The area where my dorm is now was not always owned by the University of Vermont. Originally, it was owned by Trinity College of Vermont. Around 90 years, this college opened up. In order for the dorms and school […]
    Posted 2 weeks ago.
  • November 29

    November 29
    jhennin1 on Justine's Phenology Blog
    In a city covered in a concrete one can often lose their connection with the natural world. However, in this city, there is one place you can go to rekindle this connection. You can walk along the […]
    Posted 3 weeks ago.
  • October 23

    October 23
    jhennin1 on Justine's Phenology Blog
    The leaves have not fully changed, however beautiful bits of yellow have begin to consume the green leaves of the hardwood trees. The area is alive with a variety of woodland creatures. Most of this […]
    Posted last month.
  • October 2

    October 2
    jhennin1 on Justine's Phenology Blog
    I live on Trinity Campus, in the back five. The majority of this area is surrounded by woods. I was lucky enough to have a dorm with a stunning view of the woods behind it. I decided that this would be my oenology […]
    Posted last month.