• Natural Community & Update

    ismith5 on Phenology Place
    The Salmon Hole is difficult to classify because it has aspects of wetlands and woodlands. At the end of the day I would classify it as a wetland, as the Winooski River is the most defining factor on the […]
    Posted 2 weeks ago.
  • Posted last month.
  • Wildlife Activity, Twigs, & Trees at the Salmon Hole

    Wildlife Activity, Twigs, & Trees at the Salmon Hole
    ismith5 on Phenology Place
    The river was quite frozen over, but small parts escaped and ran freely. Some parts were frozen enough to walk on while others were not. The snow was fresh enough that tracks were pretty easily […]
    Posted last month.
  • Posted December 10, 2017.
  • Posted December 10, 2017.
  • Human History

    ismith5 on Phenology Place
    The human history of my place is majorly influenced by the Catholic institution of Trinity College. This college was granted permission to exist in 1925, and was created by the Vermont chapter of the Religious […]
    Posted December 10, 2017.
  • Ocean City Place

    Ocean City Place
    ismith5 on Phenology Place
    Aldo Leopold The late November breeze caught my hair as I gazed out over the Stainton Wildlife Refuge. I have been visiting this wooden bird watching perch since I was a child with my grandpa, and watching the […]
    Posted November 29, 2017.
  • Event Map and Poem

    Event Map and Poem
    ismith5 on Phenology Place
    The leaves have fallen off the trees far more, and those left are strong shades of orange and red. There have still been no signs of wildlife. As the leaves really turn, The colors seem to burn, The […]
    Posted November 07, 2017.
  • birds-eye map & second visit

    birds-eye map & second visit
    ismith5 on Phenology Place
    The vegetation has began its turn from green to more yellow in certain trees, and more reddish-orange in others. Some of the trees have begun to lose leaves as well, and the dirt trail is covered in the fallen […]
    Posted October 24, 2017.
  • First visit

    First visit
    ismith5 on Phenology Place
    My place is down an awesome little trail off of the green grass open space of trinity campus, and into the woods. I chose a spot that is not very far into the forest, but far enough to feel engulfed by […]
    Posted October 05, 2017.