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    Deb on FTS 142 Spring 2013
    On Tuesday I showed the class 18 minutes of selects from some interviews I have done in relation to my current project, END OF LOVE. I benefited from watching it with them. And I asked them to write down any […]
    Posted January 31, 2013.
  • Round

    Deb on FTS 142 Spring 2013
    A friend commented once that video I was shooting tended not to have people in it.  And, it’s funny.  While I am passionate about using documentary material to explore human behavior, when I shoot casually – for […]
    Posted January 29, 2013.
  • Welcome FTS 142 Spring 2013!

    Welcome FTS 142 Spring 2013!
    Deb on FTS 142 Spring 2013
    I’m looking forward to starting to work together next week.  Once everyone creates their own WordPress site, I will link them together and we’ll be able to see each others work throughout the semester.
    Posted January 10, 2013.
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