March 5

Task 1: I would classify my natural community as an upland northern hardwood forest. This is because water flows through as streams and the soils are always moist. In addition, the primary tree types in the area, such as maples and birches, are the hardwoods most associated with an upland northern hardwood forest. In addition, my natural community is at a high enough elevation above Lake Champlain so that the soil is not sand and clay, which is the type of soil that upland northern hardwood forests do not do well in.

Task 2: Since my last visit to my place, the snow and ice has melted, but new plants have not started to grow yet as it has still been cold. Due to the snow and ice melting, the soil has become muddy in places, but the are is well drained with no puddles present.

Task 3: I discovered that in my area, there are rare species present and the rare natural community of White Pine-Red Oak-Black Oak Forest. In addition, it borders on a wetland.

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