Third Visit to My Place (Event Map, Picture Gallery, and Noted Changes)

Event Map

 If the event map is not legible, the events are as follows from the top left across to the top right, then to the bottom right, and finally right to left across the bottom, ending at the bottom left.

1)First, a bird that I was unable to identify saw me and flew off the ground, cheeping wildly.

2)Then, I heard birds cheeping back and forth, but was unable see them.

3)Then, one of the birds flew down and landed on a sapling and continued to cheep.

4)Then I heard a dog barking in the distance.

5)And then, a squirrel ran along a log and stared at me.

6)Finally, a rabbit leapt from behind a bush as I started to leave my spot.


Since my last visit, the trees have shed even more leaves as the fall season progressed. There also seemed to be more dead and down wood on the ground due to the wind and rain event the week before. However, many of the ground cover plants still had most of their leaves and the remaining leaves were still green. This makes sense since there has not been a hard frost yet this year. I did not notice any sign of new animals using the area, however I did observe birds and a squirrel gathering food.


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