Growing up as a kid I was hooked on the television show called “The West Wing.” This show was on every Wednesday night at 9:00 pm and documented the happenings of President Josian Bartlet, played by the legendary Martin Sheen. It was well known on the show that the nickname for the President was POTUS (President of the United States). This was how the Secret Service referred to Bartlet, as well as his staff and friends.

Last week I had to opportunity to meet the new POTUVM (President of the University of Vermont). E. Thomas Sullivan was recently named the 26th President of the University of Vermont at a press conference held on campus last week. It was a really cool event to go to, which included the UVM Board of Trustees, administration, and the Governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin. This was definitely a once in a lifetime type of event, and I’m really glad that I motivated myself to go to this event and meet the future leader of this great university, even if I’m graduating in three months!

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