The Final Semester

I’m back up in Burlington for what will be the final semester of college! It’s even more depressing when you write it down, let alone say it aloud. Last week was the first week of classes, nicknamed by many students to be “Syllabus Week,” due to the fact that teachers will spend the first couple classes reviewing the syllabus and going over the guidelines for the course. This means that the first week of classes isn’t too difficult, and the homework did not start to pile up yet. But now we are into the second week of classes, and it’s time to get serious. My classes this semester are:

– Fisheries Management

– Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

– Forest Ecology

– Personal Health

– Earth Hazards

I’m excited for my classes this semester, and I think that I will be learning about some pretty cool material this semester! I just hope it goes by really slow, because, well, this is the end!

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