Don’t Jump!

Last weekend, my mom came up on a Sunday afternoon to Vermont to meet me for lunch and bring me everything that I forgot to bring back up with me to school when I moved into my apartment in late August (mainly just lots of clothes, and all the delicious food that she made for my roommates and I!). Instead of my mom driving the almost four hours up to Burlington from home, we met at a restaurant called the Simon Pearce Restaurant in Quechee, Vermont, about 1.5 hours south of Burlington.

The restaurant was inside of an old mill that had been converted into a restaurant and glass blowing company decades ago. Lunch was absolutely delicious, and it was great to sit down with my mom and catch up on all the news going on back home in Worcester. After lunch, we went for a drive around the town to see the fall foliage, the quaint little Vermont shops, and the world famous Quechee Gorge (which I had never heard of).



These were some of the pictures that I took from my phone, and to my surprise, came out really well. The drop down to the rocks and water was at least a few hundred feet, but the views that you got from the bridge overlooking the gorge were amazing. We even saw two people kayaking down the white rapids of the river – talk about living life on the edge!

But once the 18 wheel truck drove over the bridge, and the bridge started to shake I knew that it was time to get off the bridge ASAP, say goodbye to mom, and head back up to Burlington. Such a great day with my mom!

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