Network, Network, Network!

Last Saturday, I gave a tour for admitted students and their families of UVM. There was one family in particular that I made a close connection with and really stood out. I found out that this student lives in the town next to me in Massachusetts, and she currently attends my rival high school (Go Saint John’s!). In talking with this girl during the tour, I found out that she is very interested in majoring in Wildlife Biology, which is VERY similar to my degree of Fisheries Biology. I told her and her family that I would love to sit down with them after the tour and answer any questions that they may have. Little did I know what I was getting myself into…

Upon returning to the admissions office, I talked with this girl and her family for a while answering questions about UVM, majoring in Wildlife/Fisheries Biology, and anything else that was on their minds. Then the mother asked me the question of my plans after college and how I intended to use my major. I told her that I really want to move out to the West Coast (Bay Area of northern California to be exact) and work with the US Army Corps of Engineers (my current employer during summer and winter breaks, working as a park ranger). It turns out that this mother also works for the USACE at our New England Regional District Office, just outside of Boston! I immediately felt my heart jump into my throat, as she was very familiar with my boss and the park where I worked in Connecticut! She gave me her business card and told me to email her in the near future if I decide to pursue a future career with the US Army Corps of Engineers!

Are you serious?!?! Talk about good luck!!! I guess you can say the networking has begun for job hunting after graduation!

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