Back to School, Back to School!

Hey everyone! So I’m back again for another year of blogging here at UVM! It’s hard to believe, no it’s actually scary, that I’m already a junior in college. But enough of the sentimental sadness; it’s time to catch up on summer and life! For one, I changed the name of the blog this year. “Mookie” is my nickname that my family has called me since my brother was born. He could not pronounce “Michael” very well, and instead it sounded like “Mookie.” Fourteen years later, the nickname is still going strong! However, it has gone from a family nickname to a nickname that all my friends call me – I will thank my girlfriend for that!!! So now all my friends, and in particular my fraternity brothers, call me “Mookie.” It’s just ducky when I’m walking around campus or my house and somebody yells, “MOOKIEEEEEEE!” Wonderful.

On a different note, today was the first day of classes! I am taking five classes this semester – Wildlife Management, Fisheries Biology, Limnology (the study of lakes), Ecosystems Management, and Wetland Wildlife – talk about some intense classes! I had the first three classes today, and the fisheries biology lab. I love all my classes so far, and the professors really know their stuff! Looks like junior year is off to a good start. 

This summer was also very, very busy. The highlight for sure was visiting my girlfriend in San Francisco, her hometown. It was an awesome week and we did everything from going to a Red Sox vs. Giants baseball game…

to visiting the Gay Pride Festival…

 to walking through the redwood forest at the Muir Woods National Park…

I even went to visit the Tanner’s, Uncle Jessie, and Joey…but they weren’t around 🙁

This summer I also went to a leadership conference for my fraternity – Sigma Phi Epsilon. It was called the Ruck Leadership Institure, named after a very prominent alumni – Frank Ruck from the University of Michigan. It was the experience of a lifetime, and I was able to interact and learn from the best 120 SigEp undergraduates from all over the country. I am truly grateful for having been given such an amazing oppurtunity, and the memories and experiences I gained will last me a lifetime!

But I’m off to do a very things before dinner – General Tsao’s Chicken. Hope everything goes swimmingly for everyone. And remember…it’s back to go back to school!

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