Hibernation Has Come to a Close

If you were to tell me last week that it was going to be 80+ degrees this weekend in Vermont, I’d probably tell you that you were going insane. But I must say that I stand corrected, as this weekend was by far the best weekend of the year! Friday and Saturday topped off around 80 degrees and today the temperature is floating around 70 degrees! When the weather gets this nice, two things always happen: 1) students come out from hibernation and 2) everyone goes to the beach! Now you maybe asking yourself, is there really a beach in Vermont; after all there is no ocean. But there is a lake, a very large lake named Lake Champlain stretching nearly the entire length of Vermont.

The beach is called North Beach, and it is located in North Burlington. I went to the beach yesterday with a bunch of my fraternity brothers, as well as thousands of UVM students. But it is important to remember that it is still only April so the water at the lake is barely above freezing. So basically you had thousands of students packed together on the sand, cooking burgers and dogs, playing frisbee, listening to music, and simply having a good time.

But in looking at the weather forecast for next week, it looks like we are going to get hit with some pretty heavy rain storms – typical weather in Vermont. One weekend it will be 80 degrees and then a few days later it will pour and maybe break 50 degrees. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got some snow in the next few weeks either!

On a different note, classes are going smoothly. I’m in a lull period right now in terms of papers and exams, which is nice. Last week I didn’t have any assignments due for the first time in a very very very long time. It was nice catching up on sleep, which I had fallen very far behind in. But once this lull period ends, finals will be right around the corner, which is never any fun. But once I survive finals (hopefully!), summer vacation will officially begin!

Wow, this year has gone by WAY too fast!

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