I Thought It Snowed In Vermont

So we are now into the second week of February, and I am yet to be satisfied with the amount of snow that has fallen in Burlington. There is barely any snow on the ground outside, while further south in Washington DC and New Jersey, they received FEET of snow.


I know that this supposed massive storm is heading my way today, and if we don’t get at least 6 inches, the anger will build up even more! Just kidding. I don’t even ski or snowboard, but my thinking is, if it’s cold it should snow. Otherwise it should be warm outside so I can play baseball, basketball, and football.

But aside from this weather tease, the semester is going by very quick. Recruitment for our fraternity is going very well – we currently have seven new members, with the addition of four more quite possible. Classes are also going very well – aside from the fact that I have two papers due and an organic chemistry exam next week! And our new cook at our fraternity house, Mark – I don’t even know where to begin. Steak dinners, shepherd’s pie, General Tso’s chicken….the list goes on and on! Our kitchen is always packed full of food, which is key for a house of 18 growing collegiate men!

On another note, baseball season begins in less than ten days when pitchers and catchers report for spring training.


The official countdown for the Red Sox is nine days, which means that in nine days, my life is renewed. You see, my life revolves around baseball; I plan events around the Red Sox, and I rarely miss a game on TV. Many would argue that baseball doesn’t begin until Opening Day in April, but they speak of lies! Baseball season begins when pitchers and catchers report, and continues until the final out of the World Series in October.


So my social calendar will be booked from next week until the end of October. I’ll have to try and find some time for schoolwork in that gap as well!

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